One of a kind McLaren doesn’t mean a beautiful one!

It looks like having a super car isn’t that cool as it was before these days, people get more interest for cars with special features, no one else can have. Have you noticed that it became a trend to have a one of a kind, specially-prepared model? If you want to know such a model at least from pictures than meet the McLaren 675LT MSO. This unique example was spotted in Cannes, with an all-white painted exterior, what do we consider about it?


Well, just because it doesn’t have a similar model it doesn’t mean it’s outstanding and perfectly-looking, at least that’s what we consider. If we start to compare it to the previous MSO’s then this one looks uglier. In fact it’s kinda the ugliest MSO we’ve ever seen. We understand what the owner was thinking about when painting it all white and then fitting it with matte bronze wheels, no one else will have this upgrade, and he was right. But, the problem is no one else will need it.

Read more here:One of a kind McLaren doesn’t mean a beautiful one!


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