Ford’s sales rise up thanks to 2017’s Fusion Hybrid and Energi!

Have you sen the new Ford Fusion’s Hybrid and Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid? These models might become the new Ford’s step to high sales since they are loved by potential buyers, and most importantly they are bought. The mid-size stalwart started selling its 2017 model-year version last month, and Ford has told to the media that Fusion’s two hybrid models got high sales boost in LA.


Considering the mid-size Ford vehicles were down for five years now, it is an exceptionally important moment to see how they were brought up to the new stage by the brand. This plug-in car may go 610 miles on a full tank of gas and a full battery charge, which we know means that the car will travel from the car might travel a long distance without a fill-up or a change. We know that Ford’s green cars were always popular in LA, but it’s important to notice that the Fusion Hybrid sales rose 35% from a year earlier here, while the Energi’s sales are 39% higher. Through May in LA were accounted more than 40% of Fusion sales. The U.S. Fusion Hybrid sales fell 19% from the previous year, and Energi’s sales in U.S. Jumped 55%.

Find more here:Ford’s sales rise up thanks to 2017’s Fusion Hybrid and Energi!


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