The new Lotus Elise comes back by 2020!

Have you been missing Lotus cars? It’s been a long time since we’ve last heard about the launch of a new model. After the chief president of the company has been canceled, we were long awaiting for something new, we’ve heard that it is planning on earning a good profit in 2017 which bring more fire to the car enthusiasts, so what it’s gonna be?


It’s finally time for a new Elise guys, Lotus CEO Jean-Marc said that the model will be ready in 2020, and the new version will be well overdue. The current Series 3, model is already five years old and rides on a platform derived from the 20-year-old Series 1. We haven’t been told anything else, but of course we’ve got a few hints for our readers, which will help on finding out what they must be waiting for, when the model finally comes out. The company has invested a lot in the Toyota relationship and it is really successful right? So we think it will have something in common from the brand, maybe in the interior, or maybe at the exterior. Of course the steering will be the same, since the company is really proud of them.

Find more here: The new Lotus Elise comes back by 2020!


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