The next McLaren F1 is totally happening!

As the rumors fly fast, we’ve heard about the F1 being reborn, but McLarens CEO has immediately denied it. Even so, don’t be so sure about this denial, haven’t you heard how many brands have done that before, in order to keep secrecy until the car is done. The F1’s three-seater is totally being recreated for a new, mid-engined car with 700 bhp and stunning looks.


The CEO of the company told to the media that he is regularly being asked for a three seats and a V12 with a manual gearbox. He still considers the right moment for that hasn’t come yet, and the company won’t be doing another F1. Well yeah, the case could be almost closed if not the keywords” not doing another F1”, shall it mean that the brand is planning on doing another model? Well yeah, we’re very close to the right answer now. McLaren will built another vehicle, a “hyper-GT” and the most important thing here, is that our long-awaited F1 is gonna be reborn as this “GT”.

Read more here: The next McLaren F1 is totally happening!


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