Best car sales results for the last 11 years?

We are all waiting for the July car sales report to be revealed at the beginning of August, it is expected to set the stage for a robust second half of the year in dealer showrooms, according to our monthly forecast. We consider that it will be the best July for the last 11 years.


The sales for this month will reflect a 0.7% increase from June 2016 and a 0.8% increase from July 2015, it means it will result in an estimated seasonally adjusted annual rate of 17.8 million. July sales suggest that 2016 is gonna be a great month for car sales just like last year’s record-setting sales performance that was powered primarily by a strong second half. Don’t you think now that with low interest rates and a leasing market that’s stronger than ever, car makers have a huge chance to follow last year’s success? Well, we still are aware of reaching the top and the idea that the growth won’t be as significant as in previous year still persists, but we have high hopes.People buy cars, people love cars, people need cars, that’s the main thing that matters in car business. They will continue their love affair with trucks and SUV’s in July. We’ve got even some favorites for car shoppers: the 2017 Ford Escape and Jeep Renegade.

Find more on the link: Best car sales results for the last 11 years?


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