Toyota Corolla ends Hyundai i30’s record sales in July?

Toyota Corolla is the new big hit in the auto industry, the new model has ended the Hyundai 130’s record four-month winning streak. After the Korean car brand has removed the discount of $7500 on Hyundai models, it was pretty obvious that a new king-car is gonna take its place and this time it’s Corolla.


An 11-year sales high in June across all small vehicles has been posted by Hyundai i30, but it took a massive down this month by a staggering 65 per cent, from 6400 to just 2200. Hyundai costs at around $19,990 with its big discount, but once the discounts was done its price moved to $22,990. Even though this new price is still lower than the original one, buyers have changed their vision about the cars. Mazda is the brand that also had to go down this month with its small car sales, it didn’t even placed into the Top 10’s list, which is for the first time in the last years. But, even with the sales down comparing to the last month Hyundai i30 still has its part into the leading sales cars. Some big improves were observed into Toyota HiLux sales and Ford Ranger pick-ups, both revealing strong sales growth and getting their part in the Top three.

Find more here: Toyota Corolla ends Hyundai i30’s record sales in July!


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