US Porsche sales are doomed?

After a strong run in US of Porsche vehicles, an abrupt slow down has come to the company in July, followed of course by low sales. Porsche’s sales have fallen 18% the previous month, which was a stagnant moment for the brand. Even the wide range of SUVs like Cayenne and Macan couldn’t save the company from this powerful plung.

As it was officially revealed the Porsche cars North America which imports and distributes models like: Boxter, 911, Cayman, Panamera and the two previously named, a bit more than 3870 vehicles were sold in July, that is less than expected. The decline is clearly visible now that we can compare these results to the previous ones. This year-to-date sales of Porsche vehicles in the US have improved 2.4% to 30,586 compared to 29,868 models sold the last year, during the same period. The company’s certified pre-owned range went for a 13.7% jump in sales to 1,426 units sold during the same period.

Find more on the link:

US Porsche sales are doomed?


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