Hillary Clinton knows how to make carmakers invest in US?

Hillary Clinton has made a distinction between her and Donald Trump, her rival for the U.S. president post. She has painted herself as the person who fights for income fairness and middle-class workers. The Democratic lady told to the crowd of 500 people at the Futuristic Tool and Engineering event that she plans to invest in infrastructure, offer new tax credits, encourage corporate profit-sharing and paid apprenticeships.

She promised she will do wherever it takes to bring the U.S. auto companies back, which are investing outside of the country in order to avoid the huge taxes, by that she meant that the taxes will slow down with her win. She pushed back at Trump’s depiction of the American economy as weak, saying American workers aren’t afraid of competition and the nation is in fact home for the hard work and cutting-age innovation. She also has criticized Donald Trump for his position on the North American Free Trade Agreement. We have heard from Trump for so many times, how he used to blame car makers like General Motors for investing in Mexico, but rather than pushing the fault on someone else we’ve heard no objective solutions. Well this time Clinton has come with a whole performance plan, with the way she would solve all these problems.

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Hillary Clinton knows how to make carmakers invest in US?


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