The Karma Revero is back, and it looks very familiar


The Fisker Karma is back from the dead, and it looks a little different… but only if you look at photos of the Karma Revero and its Fisker predecessor side by side for a few minutes. Truth be told, no one was expecting the Revero to deviate much, aside from items like wheels and badges; that was the point of buying a turnkey car production business for new owner Wanxiang. The Revero will be unveiled to the public in a matter of weeks, and the car company’s new owner has just dropped a few hints about how the extended-range electric sedan will be different this time around.

The Fisker’s solar roof is still there, but now Karma Automotive says that it, “will create enough energy to power the car.” Now there’s something we need more details on, but all that Karma is saying for now is that, “No other vehicle sold in the US has ever offered this capability. Our owners consider our solar roof an important element in our brand identity, and we listened.” The front and rear Karma badges on each Revero…

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