Electric vehicles are only 1% of total monthly U.S. auto sales?

All of us know that electric vehicles are cleaner, greener and more fun to drive. There are about 30 plug-in electric sports cars, SUVs and sedans available from such makes as BMW, Nissan,Chevrolet, Tesla, Ford and many other automakers. They offer a wide range of terrific options and still, their sales are only 1% of total monthly U.S. auto sales.


The California Air Resources Board’s Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program requires automakers to sell increasing numbers of EVs between now and 2025. Because of the many environmental and economic benefits of electric vehicles, the ZEV standard is now followed by nine other states as well. With the standards currently up for review, many automakers are lobbying regulators to weaken zero emission vehicle regulations, saying they are doing everything they can to sell EVs. Some automakers and auto dealers are doing a great job developing, marketing, and selling EVs to consumers by having several EVs on their lots, informed salespeople, and strong EV advertising. These best practices are not rocket science. But many other dealers and automakers are fail to do this job.

Find more here: Electric vehicles are only 1% of total monthly U.S. auto sales?


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