GM starts a new program to help its dealers!

It’s been revealed, that General Motors has payed money to its dealers for 7 years already. All these years more than $5 billion were offered to GM dealerships, under the EBE program. But now, that most of them have done some shiny makeovers, there’s no need to make some extra, right?

GM has decided to keep that spigot open for any of its ChevroletBuick, and GMC dealers who jump though the necessary hoops under the brand standards program called Essential Brand Elements. The cash will be an incentive for dealers to keep those stores modern with new video displays, instead of going toward ripping out walls and laying new tile. GM could pay around$100,000 for a dealership per year and $2 million for big stores, those money had to be used as financing for renovations, while many dealers have been simply using them to finance their store projects, and rolled the EBE money into their operations. Under the new program, dealers will still get $550 on average per vehicle shipped to them. Now that most of these dealerships won’t have the heavy expense of major renovations, GM is gonna add some other elements to EBE, like requirements to operate a business-development center, according to a slide presentation from a webcast last week detailing the new program.

Find here more:GM starts a new program to help its dealers!


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