Mercedes unveils Maybach concept car in all its retro-inspired glory!

When Mercedes put out teaser images of the sweeping roof line of the new Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept car we went along thinking there’s no way it’d look anything less than stunning. We were right. A handful of pictures of the Maybach have leaked early, ahead of a planned world debut on Friday. The new photos depict an extremely long, dramatic coupe with extraordinary detailing. At Pebble Beach this week, the Germans will show this vast Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Coupe, the name referencing its enormous six-metre length.


Only 10 words were available on the concept car ahead of its debut: “The hot and cool – almost 6 metres of ultimate luxury”. At 224 inches, it’s some two feet longer than an S-class coupe. It is also nearly four inches lower. The dimensions are extravagant, with an ultralong hood, the two-plus-two-seat cabin set far rearward, and an extended rear overhang.Mercedes says the proportions “recall the aero coupes of days gone by,” and indeed, the concept has a classic-era elegance about it. That vibe is reinforced by the gullwing doors, the split backlight, and the boattail rear. At each corner are 24-inch wheels with transparent panels based on the transforming, aerodynamic wheels of the Concept IAA Mercedes previously showed.

Find more here: Mercedes unveils Maybach concept car in all its retro-inspired glory!


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