Catch Pokemons and buy cars at the same time!

A new way to find customers was found by a Toyota dealership’s sales man, by these words we mean he’s gonna catch Pokemons and new buyers at the same time. How’s he gonna do that? Well here’s the plan he’s got, while he was on the roads trying to catch these fictional creatures, crossing paths with fellow players, discussing with them and transforming them into new used car owners.

In just a day the dealership ended 3 great deals with Pokemon Go friends. The dealership used the horse to promote such an event, around 50 people came to not just play their favorite game but also to analyze some good offers. The sales man told to the media that people cae to the lot with a barrier, and when you find a common ground immediately, it makes the process so much easier.

Read here more: Catch Pokemons and buy cars at the same time!


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