US auto industry looking resilient for now?

We already know that the first half of 2016 has been a mixed bag for U.S. automakers with total car sales in the first seven months reaching 4.253 million, a decline of 7.7% compared to last year, and light-duty truck sales increasing by 9.1% to reach 5.913 million.


General Motors has sold 1.706 million cars, a 4% drop compared to last year while Ford saw its sales grow by 3.3% to reach 1.560 million. Ford’s jump in sales can be directly attributed to the company’s above-average performance in the light truck segment. Overall passenger car sales has been slow, with several leading car makers – General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Hyundai– showing negative growth this year. Honda and Nissan seem to be the only exceptions in the list of companies that sold more than 300,000 cars in the first seven months of the year.

Find more here: US auto industry looking resilient for now?


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