Toyota and Mazda fighting for the first place!

The biggest winners in US car sales this August were Ford, Nissan and Kia. They are the reason car sales have seen a growth of 4.6% this month, it puts the industry back on track to top 1.2 million sales for 2016. More than 94,900 cars were sold in August, for a year-to-date total of 784,330-puts the market on track to break ist previous record of 1,155,408 sales set in 2015.

Toyota’s Camry stands strong for another month with 2458 units sold out, it has become the top selling Australian-made car. Camry has beaten up Holden Commodore and Ford FalconCorolla also boosted Toyota’s sales with 3554 models, which made it the top selling model of the company. Toyota Hillux ute also was really popular this month, with 3311 models sold. Toyota sold more SUV’s than any other car manufacturer, with 1350 LandCruiser models sold and 1328 Prado cars. Toyota’s share of high riding wagons was only 32%.

Read more here: Toyota and Mazda fighting for the first place!


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