Audi Formula E Plan goes official!

You probably have heard lots of rumors about the latest Audi and its powerful Motorsport division as to what would be the next field they are going to conquer. It started as a rally car and after mastering DTM went into endurance racing also. People around the world were thinking Formula 1 could be the next thing for them, and although this might totally be real, Audi already wants to rule the kingdom of Formula E.

The German car maker was involved with Formula E since 2015, with their support of ABT team and the Brazilian Lucas di Grassi. But starting from the next race they will intensify their financial and factory support for ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport team in preparation for the launch of a factory team in 2018. This choice of a field for Audi sounds interesting even for us, FE is yet to convince its investor it has been worth the effort in terms of financial gain and it’s not doing so good attracting spectators. Dr. Stefan Knirsch, a member of the Board of Management, Technical Development at Audi AG, said that the company intends to evolve into one of the leading premium manufacturers in electric mobility.

Read here more: Audi Formula E Plan goes official!


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