The new luxury Varsovia concept car was designed for your comfort!

We always thought that one day we’ll see a “Tesla fighter” that will conquer our hearts at a glance. So it’s time to meet a luxury extended-range plug-in that appears to double as an office on wheels. Polish startup Varsovia Motor Company is looking to join the big boys in the luxury segment with a newly unveiled concept car, dubbed Varsovia.

The car has been designed by Kadler, a Warsaw design studio. The inspiration was taken from Sawa, a legendary mermaid depicted on the city’s coat of arms, reflected in the hood ornament and other parts of the exterior and interior. The futuristic styling continues inside. Designers decided to transform it into a luxurious office on wheels. The study has no front passenger seat, which was dropped in favor of two 90-percent transparent, 19-inch transparent displays that can be combined into a single 38-inch screen, once they fold down from the roof. These can be paired with the built-in computer with keyboard and mouse, and on-board tablet. Rear seat passengers can use folded tables with a special stabilization mechanism, and in order to ensure increased comfort during journeys, the vehicle has what Varsovia calls “an extended spa system“, which integrates the functions from the lighting system with the audio-video system and a luxury seats.

Find more here: The new luxury Varsovia concept car was designed for your comfort!



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