How’s it, riding in a fully-autonomous car?

At the most recent press event, we got a chance to take a ride on Ford’s autonomous Fusion. Of course, as a person who has never driven a self-driving car before, I expected a strange experience, and I was right. First of all it was a bit scaring, I mean, do you imagine yourself sitting in a car that drives itself?! I had no idea how the car would act since I’m used to human drivers.

Sitting in a Ford backseat with two Ford engineers who explained about the car’s technology and how it works was a bit weird. The drive took us around the Ford development campus¬†featuring roads with actual signs, lane markings and real traffic. We never got out of the speed limit of 25 miles per hour, but it was enough to demonstrate how the car recognizes signs, signals, pedestrians, and other traffic. We also got a chance to see the vehicle wait for an unexpected pedestrian at a crosswalk.

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