3 Underrated Cars Which Deserve More Attention

There are so many over rated vehicles in the whole world that people don’t even look at other models, even though they might have the same features, or even better ones, and they would totally wear a cheaper price-tag. Nowadays people are starting already to think on why buy a car for its brand, and not buy it for what it actually is. Here’s Repokar‘s list of 3 underrated cars which could’ve been best friends to all of us, but something went wrong.


Honda Accord Coupe– It might look a bit like Honda Civic, but it doesn’t mean it does it all like Civic. The fact is that the manufacturer must have built Civic more like Accord, because guys Accord is totally worth your money and appreciation. Pick up a V6 coupe from 2008 up until now and you’ll be having a lot of fun. The manual gearboxes are a delight, the pedals are in the right place to rev match and the steering feel and weight is what all cars should be aiming for.

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