Ferrari GTC4Lusso comes with a V8

Do you like the idea of a GTC4Lusso?! Why would you find then the idea of a great V12 a little excessive? Forget about all your previous worries because this time the FF successor can be purchased with a twin-turbo V8 nestling under its long bonnet. Don’t get upset because the V12 is still available for those who are used to it.


We’ve got less than a week until the official opening of the Paris Motor Show, and we’ve already found out that our beloved Ferrari got a few upgrades for it. The new car will lose two drive wheels in an effort to get lighter, cleaner and more practical for everyday drivers. It’s gonna be the 3.8litre unit found in California T, but if you forget about the drop in displacement and cylinders, you won’t be wanting to performance. The new Ferrari versionwill kick out 602bhp, a 72bhp drop compared the V12 model. As a result of all the updates, it’ll do 0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds, just a tenth off the 12-banger.

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