4 Iconic Cars Which Won’t Be Ever Forgotten

We never doubted this era is a perfect one for car enthusiasts, who love fast cars, with lots of horsepower and technology on it. You can have a new car with over 400bhp for only $30,000 or so, and used cars with the same features at a half of this price, or even less, but don’t you miss sometimes the old legends? We won’t put any hate on new vehicles, we love them, but sometimes it’s good to stop and look at the past, because we’ve got what to remember.


Ferrari F40 is the one to open up our list. You knew it’s gonna be here, didn’t you?! Nowadays people are still considering it as the best Ferrari ever built, and that’s no surprise to us because it looks fantastic, sounds fantastic and it requires total driver involvement, and a major set of plums, to hit its top speed of 201 mph.

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