Hennessey is making a 600-HP six-wheeled Raptor!

Six hundred horsepower. Six-wheel-drive. Meet your terrifyingly awesome twin-turbo nightmare: The Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6. Hennessey Performance took one look at the 450-horsepower 2017 Ford Raptor and said, “sure, but what about more?” Two more wheels, another driven axle, and 150 more horsepower later, you’ve got this monstrosity. Buckle your brain-belts, it’s about to get radical in here.

Hennessey says the VelociRaptor starts at $295,000, including the 2017 Raptor SuperCrew on which it’s based. The rest of that money goes toward the 6×6 locking axles, upgraded Fox Racing suspension, new 20-inch wheels and super-wide tires, custom bumpers front and back, a bed-mounted roll bar, and all the LED lighting you could ask for. Coincidentally, the grand total of $317,500 is almost exactly the same as six regular Raptors, but the VelociRaptor is sure to get six times more attention anywhere it goes.

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