Tesla says new orders for its Model 3 won’t be filled until mid-2018

Tesla Motors Inc. said buyers who place new orders for Model 3 vehicles can expect to begin receiving deliveries as soon as mid-2018, with production starting as scheduled late next year. To dispel any misunderstandings with customers who’ve placed pre-order deposits and those considering, the automaker announced it wants to clarify timing for the long-anticipated electric car.

The Model 3, which is slated to begin at $35,000 before government incentives, is the key to Tesla’s plan to create a larger market for EVs. The company first unveiled the Model 3 at an event at its Hawthorne, Calif., design studio on March 31. In May, Tesla said it had received about 373,000 pre-orders for the car. Tesla’s update on the Model 3 came on the eve of another announcement scheduled to be made today. Analysts are speculating about a long list of possible company news, including that it could have something to do with an Autopilot update, a replacement for supplier Mobileye, or launching an entirely new vehicle.

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