GLM unveils its new electric vehicle and its stunning!

Japanese electric car maker GLM stays competitive by selling its own flashy sports cars as well as the technology platform to rivals. Dubbed “Japan’s Tesla,” GLM develops its own technology for electric vehicle power systems, chassis and vehicle control units, all of which are customizable and on offer, even to rivals.

Leading automakers around the world from General Motors to Toyota are eyeing the electric car market for growth and to stave off competition as upstart Tesla Motors moves away from a luxury roadster offering and aims for the mid-priced mass-market price range with its Model Sand X versions. But the six-year old Japanese carmaker has stayed in the higher price range with its two premium electric sports sedan models, the gull-wing door GLM-G4, and the Porsche look-alike GLM-ZZ, which have created a buzz at auto shows around the globe. Read more


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