Infiniti Q60- the first US car registered in Cuba in the last 58 years

United States right now has a complicated relationship with Cuba, and the death of Fidel made it even harder to realize how to fix them, but it seems like the auto industry has an answer here. The first step into fixing the relationship with Cuba was made by the Infiniti designer Alfonso Albaisa. He took an Infiniti Q60 to the old country to become a quasi, unwitting ambassador of peace.


Albaisa’s Infiniti Q60, which he has designed apparently with unconscious influences from the mid-century modern architecture of Cuba, is the first U.S. spec car registered in Cuba in 58 years. Granted, it’s a Japanese car, but it was built in America and penned by a Cuban guy who grew up in Miami. Now that’s multiculturalism at its best. This thing shows what can be achieved when you ignore the made up borders between countries, races, ethnicity, and political beliefs.

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