5 Cars Santa Klaus Could Switch To

What if Santa would choose something modern to drive around our houses, and bring our children the presents they dreamed about the whole year? Well, in case he’s bored of his flying reindeers, and would switch to cars what would he choose? We’ve got a few options for you here.


DeLorean DMC-12– The advantages of the DeLorean are obvious if we take it in Back to the Future II spec, complete with garbage-fuelled flux capacitor and the ability to fly. Santa might not be able to take many presents in any one trip, but with the benefit of time travel and anti-gravity technology he’ll be able to get the job done in literally no time. Or so it would seem to the rest of us. He’d just better hope that his elves have been building up plenty of waste, because to make that many temporal jumps he’s going to need a lot of power.

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