Ford will build hybrid models of the F-150 pickup and Mustang

Ford will release hybrid versions of its F-150 pickupAmerica’s best-selling vehicle, moving more than 750,000 units last year — and the legendary Mustang sports car, by 2020. It’s part of a large investment in electrified vehicles that Ford CEO Mark Fields unveiled at its Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan.

First, it’s very likely that the hybrid Mustang and F-150 will share a hybrid powertrain. The two already use several of the same basic powertrain components, including the 5.0-liter V8 and rear-drive automatic transmissions. Supporting this theory is Ford’s confirmation that the hybrid F-150 will be rear-drive. The F-150 and Mustang are also slated to get a new 10-speed automatic transmission that was developed jointly with GM. There’s a very good chance the hybrids’ electric motor(s) will be packaged in a version of that transmission, replacing the torque converter. Read more


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