Rolls-Royce Phantom is retiring after 13 years

As far as we’d wish for it to go forever, nothing is eternal, and that’s how the Rolls-Royce Phantom cannot survive today’s market without reinventing itself and incorporating new trends. It has a good and long history though, it made its drivers happy for 13 years. But the story seems to go to the end, the luxury segment car is now retiring, opening up space for a brand-new model.


The current Rolls-Royce Phantom, known at the factory as the Phantom VII, marked the renaissance of the brand in 2003 when BMW acquired the business and vowed to make RR the definitive brand in luxury motoring again. Whichever way you look at it – sales, bespoke models, inspiring new models – they have been completely successful in implementing their vision. In all its years in the market the Phantom was never really challenged by any other car. Heck, it saw the coming and going of two new Maybach generations in that time, and that kind of says it all.

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