February car sales less resilient than anticipated

We were expecting for car sales to calm down in February, but despite all the expectations and predictions we were still hoping for better results. Bad news, U.S. auto sales showed to be even less resilient this month than anticipated. If we have to compare these results with February last year, than they are down 1.1%. Automakers like General Motors (GM), American Honda Motor Co., and Nissan North America reported new-car sales gains from a year ago. Volkswagen Group, plus the premium German nameplates and three independent brands, also posted sales increases. However, Ford Motor Co. (Ford) and Toyota Group reported lower tallies.

Bmw X7 Is Quotexceptionally Large Amp Luxuriousquot Bmw X1 X3 X5

BMW of North America—Although BMW of North America (-2.5%) sold 24,712 units, BMW brand(+0.3%) sales rose by 60 units to 22,558 new vehicles with momentum from the 5 Series and X1, X3, and X5 SUVs. Mini (-24.1%) totals declined to 2,154 units despite strong demand for the Clubman.

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