Short history of the legend: Porsche Boxster back in the days

We still do remember those times when Porsche was mostly focusing on building front-engined coupes with excellent handling. The automaker had some problems with its competitors back in the years, and it started a new survival plan based on focusing on rear engined cars.


Under the new head of Porsche design, Harm Lagaay and the studio boss Pinky Lai, they were going to build a mid-engined, convertible concept to be shown at the 1993 Detroit auto show, resulting in the model going to the production line some years later. It was called the Boxster, because of the boxer engine configurations Porsche was and still is famous for. The exterior was designed by Grant Larson, he worked to create a design that would look familiar to the 550 Spyder, the “eyes” were in the Boxster’s headlamps like the production model, but still managed to be a more refined version of its predecessor’s.

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