The 1,000-horsepower Camaro Exorcist is ready to chase Demons!

Hennessey Performance pre-empted next week’s launch of the hotly anticipated launch of the Dodge Demon drag racing-optimized muscle car with the announcement of the Exorcist Chevrolet Camaro. Both the name and Hennessey’s press release make it clear the car is designed to be the anti-Demon. That may not come across visually, since on the surface it’s just a standard Camaro ZL1 with decals. But underneath is an LT4 V8 tuned to 1,000 horsepower and 966 lb-ft of torque. Coupled with drag tires, Hennessey claims the Exorcist is good for a 0-60 mph time of under 3 seconds and a quarter-mile time of under 10 seconds.

The complete package, including the Exorcist decals, rings in at $55,000 – and that’s on top of the Camaro ZL1 you have to supply. Unless you already have one or picked up a used or discounted example, the least you’ll pay for an Exorcist is just over $118,000. And if you want Hennessey to upgrade an automatic, you’ll be spending another $9,950 to upgrade the transmission. On the plus side, it’s going to be an exclusive vehicle, with only 100 built each year. The company offers a couple of options, too. Read more


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