Audi RS3 sedan will cost you more than BMW M2 and Mercedes CLA45 AMG

Since so many carmakers have been revealing the prices for their new cars we have been waiting for Audi to tell us how much will cost its new RS3 sedan, since it has really enough performance to drive us all crazy. The RS3 sedan, available for the first time in the US, will start at $55,875 when it hits dealer lots later this year. That’s thousands more than the competition from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, though it’s not quite a straight one-to-one comparison.


For reference, a BMW M2 starts at $53,495 while a Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG will set you back at least $50,875. With an all-new 400 horsepower inline-5 under the hood, the RS3 is packing more punch than its German rivals, and, unlike the M2, sends power to all four wheels. Standard features include LED lighting, Audi pre sense basic, and blind-spot monitoring. Other standard equipment hasn’t been announced yet, so it’s difficult to make a straight comparison to the M2 and CLA45 AMG.

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