A bespoke Rolls-Royce Wraith designed by Mohammed Kazem

This Rolls-Royce is created by Mohammed Kazem an Emirati artist, he turned this car into something else, it’s visible even from the pictures. The result of him work wouldn’t disappoint even the most refined car collector. Rolls-Royce special projects are always something to behold, and this one is straight out of the top drawer.



The one-off Wraith in question is part of a collection designed by Emirati contemporary artist Mohammed Kazem. Nice job if you can get it. The collection is called Directions and features written coordinates as a key design accent throughout. The package is pretty much the definition of unnecessary, but it’s undeniably art. Some critics say that true art has no higher purpose than its own existence, and you could apply that phrase directly to the bespoke modifications in this Wraith.

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