ex-McLaren engineers finally producing Elemental Rp1

This road-legal track of Elemental has been through difficult times later and after 2 years of delays the car is finally officially being produced. It’s a road-legal trackday special that can be fettled with basic tools and easily set up for road or circuit use. Although it was originally destined to be built from a factory in Wales, it’s now produced in Hampshire by ex-McLaren engineers using 75 per cent locally-made parts. This £100,000 go-kart is a serious piece of kit.


Expect 550 bhp per ton from a Ford EcoBoost engine with ‘over 280bhp.’ To get that power-to-weight ratio our maths makes more like 340bhp necessary, but it’s possible they’re referencing the car’s dry weight. Ready for the road, the 620kg car sprints from 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds, 60-100mph in 4.4 seconds and brakes from 100-0mph in a lung-squeezing 4.5-seconds.

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