Porsche Cayenne pulling a monstrous Airbus A380 plane

Porsche Cayenne is a beast of an SUV and we got proof, the car set a new World Record for the heaviest aircraft pull by a production car. Since we don’t see something like this happening every day we were really enthusiastic about this situation, a standard production car pulling a monstrous Airbus A380 plane? That must tell you something about Porsche’s power, right?


The car used to complete the record-breaking pull was a Cayenne S Diesel, powered by a 4.2-litre V8 engine producing 380bhp a burly 627lb ft of torque. The Airbus A380 is from Air France’s fleet of 10, with the moment taking place at its engineering hangar at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Porsche’s Cayenne had to tow the huge plane a distance of 42 metres and broke the record for the heaviest aircraft pull by a production car by 115 tonnes. Just looking at the pictures, it’s quite a sight – the tiny-looking Cayenne casually pulling the largest passenger plane in the world. A special towing attachment had to be positioned on the Cayenne’s standard tow bar to complete the world record, and a Cayenne Turbo S also completed the pull afterwards too. Just to rub it in further.

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