Upgraded Mercedes GLS Mansory

Many car lovers aren’t really happy about the newly revealed Mercedes GLS Mansory, saying it’s not really upgradable in terms of style since it might loose its unique look, but the carmaker proves once again that there is nothing impossible for its cars. The car added some wide fenders and a boatload of carbon fiber which will make the big Merc SUV look more impressive.


That, wide fenders and lots of carbon, kind of describes all Mansory products. Of course, it doesn’t mean they haven’t done a god job with the Mansory Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 as the SUV now has the swagger of a sporty Mayach, what with the custom bumpers, aero kits, bonnet, spoilers, and of course, the wheel arch extensions. All this is further improved by 22”-MULTISPOKE rims or the all new Y5/1 rim with the XXL dimensions of 23 inches. The ultra-light, forged rim was specially developed for the increased requirements of formidable SUV’s and comes shod in 305/35/23 tires.

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