Toyota’s adorable tiny flying car could light the Olympic flame

People have always fantasized about what the future would look like. We guess you will not be surprised to find out that one of the most widespread ideas associated with the future and huge leaps in technology in the popular imaginary has long been the flying car. Now it looks like we’re officially on the cusp of the flying car era, aren’t we? Companies like Google, Uber, Boeing and new experimental startups are investing heavily into aeronautics technology.Japanese auto giant Toyota is also getting into the mix, announcing their plans to launch their very own flying car at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Taking an integrated approach, Toyota is apparently granting a small Japanese flying carstartup called Cartivator $375,000 (about 42 million yen) to get the ball rolling on a fully operational flying vehicle. Cartivator has developed a technology called SkyDrive, and it looks like something straight out of Blade Runner. It’s a three-wheeled bike on the road which is launched into the air by a series of propellors based on drone engineering. Cartivator advertise their SkyDrive vehicle as “the world’s smallest flying car.” Read more

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