Cars most likely to be involved in accidents

According to the National Safety Council, there are more than 27,000 car accidents each and every day in the United States. Nobody is seriously injured in the majority of these crashes, but the vehicles definitely sustain damage, and not all of that damage is reported to insurance agencies or repaired. In most cases accident damage is “typically reported by an insurance agency or body shop,” while other times “visible paintwork or damage was highlighted by an inspector, but un-flagged by a vehicle history report.” Here is the list of the vehicles most likely to be involved in car crashes. The results may surprise you.

Number 1: BMW 4 Series

11.5 percent of BMW 4 Series models have reported accident damage, and another 7.0 percent were found to have damage that was either never reported to the insurance company or by a body shop doing repair work. With a total of 18.5 percent, the 4 Series is the most often damaged vehicle in America. Read more


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