Americans trust tech companies more than automakers on self-driving cars

In a study surveying drivers in the US, UK, Germany, France, and Italy, transportation data company INRIX finds that attitudes about autonomous vehicles (AVs) differ quite a bit depending on what side of the Atlantic one lives on, as well as by age. The survey gathers responses about safety, privacy, and trust and confidence in the connected and autonomous vehicle market, as well as their likelihood to purchase a self-driving car.

When it comes to safety, 71 percent of US drivers expect autonomous cars, compared to 85 percent of Italians, to be as safe or safer than today’s vehicles. In the US, 73 percent of Baby Boomers disagree, thinking AVs won’t be as safe. Boomers do, however, believe AVs will improve access for the elderly, though 53 percent still say they probably wouldn’t buy one. Only 25 percent of all respondents said they’d be likely to buy an autonomous vehicle, with drivers in the US and Italy, as well as those already owning a connected car, being more receptive to the idea. Read more


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