Dubuc Tomahawk electric sports car: 0-60 in 2 seconds

When we heard from Dubuc Motors last time, the company was trying to raise capital through a crowdfunding campaign for its wildly out-there Tomahawk electric supercar. Well, the company is still taking on investors, and has announced that the Tomahawk will go into production next year. Oh, and it does 0-60 miles per hour in 2 seconds.

With four electric motors, the all-wheel-drive electric vehicle produces 800 horsepower and a tarmac-warping 1,000 pound-feet of torque. It has a balanced, 50/50 front/rear weight distribution and adjustable air suspension, and it’ll pull a respectable 1.2 Gs in a corner. Its “demented acceleration,” as Dubuc Motors co-founder Mike Kakogiannakis so aptly describes it, is the highlight here. That two-second 0-60 time is available in the car’s Race mode. In Street mode, that sprint extends to four seconds. Read more


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