Lotus obsessed with lightweight vehicles-Lotus Elise revelation

We’ve met so many versions of the Lotus Elise that we don’t even remember all of them after all these years. But here it comes another model and as Lotus claims it’s the best one yet. Does it have to do something with the British company’s obsession with light weight? We guess it does, since the new Elise Cup 250 tips the scale at just 884 kg.

Elise Cup 250 Hero

If you think that is remarkable wait until you hear about the lightweight options they offer, bringing that weight down to 864 kg. Given that Lotus Elise Cup 250 packs 243 horsepower that means the sports car has a power to weight ratio of 283 hp per tonne, which is how it achieves its 0 to 60 mph time of 3.9 seconds.

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