Tesla gives a tentative launch date of the all-new Model Y

The Tesla Model Y made its digital debut at the annual Tesla shareholder meeting when CEO Elon Musk teased an image of the upcoming crossover. Although the photo doesn’t reveal much, but it’s clear that the Model Y will have the same, simple, organic lines of the Models S,X, and 3. It seems that the Y will have a rather prominent vestigial grille, as well, based on the bright line at the leading edge of the car. Perhaps this is a response to the mixed reaction to the Model 3’s grille-less face.

In addition to the brief glimpse at the new SUV, Musk announced a few other details. The SUV likely won’t share too much with the Model 3. He mentioned some criticism for not basing theY on the 3, but explained that he felt it was a “mistake” to base the Model X on the Model S. He said that it would have been better to design an SUV the way an SUV should be designed, and design a sedan the way a sedan should be designed. Read more

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