McLaren’ sales growth and plans for the future

Just in case you were wondering about McLaren switching to the SUV market, now we know for sure that this thing won’t happen anytime soon. The company will continue working on driver’s cars and GTS cars. More and more SUVs are being introduced by more and more manufacturers at the moment, some of which are arguably just trying to soak up the market demand and go with the trends. McLaren Automotive isn’t looking that much at increasing its sales figures, as it is focusing on quality first.


So far this year McLaren sales in Australia are up by almost 150 per cent year-to-date, largely helped by the launch the Sports Series models, including the McLaren 540C and McLaren 570S. I McLaren only builds cars at its headquartered factory in the UK. Its maximum capacity is around 4000-5000 cars per year. The company is trying to walk the fine line of offering exclusive, lustful products but also fulfilling the strong demand the showroom is drawing. If McLaren did offer an SUV its overall sales would no doubt see a decent boost, but production would not be able to keep up at its current production rate.

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