Meet and greet the 2018 BMW 6 series Gran Turismo

The 2018 6 series Gran Turismo will be introduced by BMW this Fall. The 5 series Gran Turismo went out of production in February of this year, and after a few months the five-door 6 series GT joins the lineup. You might consider it successor of the 5 series GT, since it’s based on the 5 series architecture and paint, but don’t tell that BMW, cause the automaker is avoiding that description.



The carmaker wouldn’t say whether BMW would eventually bring back the 5 series GT. The previous model went out of production as part of BMW’s move to the redesigned 5 series, which went on sale in February in the U.S. with a sedan body style. With five doors and a greenhouse styled like a coupe, the 6 series GT provides more legroom and rear headroom than a conventional sedan and combines luxury sedan comfort with the aesthetic appeal of a coupe. In the U.S., the 6 series GT will be offered exclusively as a 640i xDrive model starting at $70,695, including destination.

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