Porsche 919 Hybrid is the new king of Le Mans 24

Audi’s domination at Le Mans 24 has been taken by Porsche a few years ago, and it doesn’t plan to give the 1st place to someone else. The 919 Hybrid showed that nothing can beat it, by snatching the title of the king of Le Mans 24, bringing Porsche’s total wins up to 19.


The Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1 that brought home the latest victory was piloted by Earl Bamber (NZ), Timo Bernhard (DE) and Brendon Hartley (NZ) and it do so shedding copious amounts of blood and sweat. This victory was well deserved, nothing like those big Audis few years back that just cruised along and won with a big margin. This 919 got through by the skin of its teeth. The car had no front axle drive anymore, was repaired for 1.05 hours and rejoined the race 18 laps behind, turning a 56th position into overall victory.

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