Porsche sales up thanks to Macan deliveries?

After US 3 big automakers have revealed their June sales, we expected the luxury car segment to do the same, and here are the sales results from the last month. Porsche Cars North America, importer and distributor of Porsche cars in the United States has sold 4,516 vehicles in June 2017.


This is a 0.8 percent increase over June 2016. Year-to-date, deliveries are up 3.2 percent compared to 2016 with 27,568 vehicle sales. Macan sales were notably strong in June with 1,871 deliveries, a 53.1 percent increase over the same period last year. Year-to-date, Porsche Macan sales are up 30.9 percent and stand at 10,638 vehicles. Porsche Panamera deliveries registered at 518, a 2.4 percent increase over last year. Year-to-date, Panamera sales are up 36.5 percent with 3,001 vehicles sold.

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