BMW vows to win back the crown Mercedes just took from it

As demand for the new E-class and SUVs rose, Mercedes-Benz took the lead in the luxury-car sales segment, its sales rose up to 11% in June. As we know for years, BMWAudi and Mercedes have always been competitors to each other, being three most well-known and trusted German automakers. For so many years the first sales spot between them has been taken by BMW, and only knowMercedes was able to outrun it.

The new E-Class Press Test Drive, Lisbon 2016

Sales of BMW brand vehicles rose 2 percent to 192,873 last month, while third-placed Audi saw sales rise 1 percent to 170,650. Through June, Mercedes sold 1.14 million cars, 14 percent more than a year earlier. BMW, which is has started to expand its SUV offering and renew an aging lineup of sedans, lagged behind with a 5.2 percent gain to 1.03 million vehicles.

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