Ford Mustang and Coolhaus to debut Orange Fury ice cream sandwiches

Automakers are always coming up with gimmicks to tease their upcoming products. We don’t always take note, but when the gimmick involves edibles, especially dessert, especially ice cream in July, we make an exception. Since summer is hot, just like your brakes while trying to stop a Mustang from fast approaching the nearest curb, there’s now an ice cream to match the color of the car. To promote Orange Fury, the latest Mustang color that’s new for 2018, Ford contracted with Coolhaus Premium Ice Cream in the Los Angeles area.

Haven’t heard of Coolhaus? It was founded in 2009. Now, its ice cream sandwiches can be found in more than 5,000 stores in every U.S. state, including Whole Foods Market, Target and Safeway. The brand was recently featured by CNN Money in a story about the growth of artisanal ice cream. Ford said the goal was “to capture the essence” of the new Mustang and the new color. Ford’s own color and materials design manager, Barb Whalen, was enlisted to work in a new medium, dairy products. She says she typically focuses on things like color research, leather seats and hand stitching, so this was definitely a bit different for her. Read more


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