The VW Passat GT Concept is heading to production

Volkswagen has already revealed the sporty-ish midsize sedan that will be available for the upcoming 2018 model year. The road-going model will stay true to the concept before it. You may have forgotten about the Passat GT concept but it looked like a GTI version of the sober sedan. It had a black grille with red accent lines, a more aggressive body kit, and sportier seats. The powertrain didn’t receive any updates though, sticking with the normal Passat’s VR6 enginewith 280 hp and 258 pound-feet of torque. It had a dual-clutch automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. When it was shown, Volkswagen said that the idea came from feedback from dealers and consumers.

Volkswagen has announced that it’s working on a new six-cylinder turbocharged engine for the Euro-spec Passat’s hotter sister, the Arteon, and that it might end up in the Atlas three-rowSUV currently offered with the aforementioned VR6. That being said, there are no signs the new mill will end up in the American Passat as chances are it is being developed for MQB products. Read more

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