Bentley Continental GT3 racing version with a twin-turbo V8

It’s been only a few months since Bentley has revealed its smarter third-generation Bentley Continental GT and now we already have the GT3 racing version. And Bentley must be well aware that it looks like an utter thug, given that it has placed the car in a series of moody, darkened studio shots. We approve.


As with the last GT3 Bentley, this one’s been developed in partnership with M-Sport. Due to GT3 regulations the all-wheel drive system has been ditched, a move which – along with the usual full interior strip – cuts the weight to well below 1300kg. As a quick reminder, the road-going, W12-powered Conti GT weighs over 2200kg. “A new development” of the outgoing car’s Audi-derived, 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 will send its power rearwards, via a six-speed, transaxle-mounted sequential gearbox made by Ricardo. Remove the air restrictors, and the V8 is good for 542bhp.

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